Jared Butler

Design Enthusiast · STEAM Fanatic · JS Experimenter · jaredbtlr@gatech.edu

Hi there! I'm a Computer Science major at Georgia Tech with concentrations in People and Media. I have a passion for procedural generation, design, and journalism in digital media, so I made this little website to talk about myself and those passions! I'm also currently seeking an internship for the summer of 2020, so read on to learn a little bit more about my skills and interests!

A Little More About Me...

Born and raised in Dallas, TX, I've had a love for coding and digital art since I was very little--I have fond memories of tinkering around with GameMaker in elementary school, showing off my little homemade projects to my teachers.

"Bluewirez", a pseudo-electricity simulator I made in middle school where you can build glitchy circuits using a set of premade components.

During my first year of high school, I made a portfolio website for the first time; the term 'website' is perhaps a bit generous, as the frontpage consisted of little more than some turqoise text laid against a blue background. Nonetheless, even by then I'd developed a fascination for procedural algorithms--I spent my spare time making tiny experimental web projects such as html pages that generated randomized color schemes, or a JS implementation of Conway's Game of Life.

Game of Life
My implementation of 'Game of Life' in JS using a matrix of text characters, with a few extra features.

After a summer of researching and writing web content about Texas Family Law for a local law office, and a senior year where I spent every Wednesday tutoring underpriveleged students in West Dallas, I came to recognize my passion for presenting facts and educating others, and how it could compliment my preexisting passions for design and procedural algorithms. As such, when I came to Georgia Tech I chose concentrations in People (relating to HCI, Psychology, and infoviz) and Media. I also joined the editorial board of North Avenue Review magazine (an editorial magazine on campus), where I now manage its website and public presence! I still try to find time to make more little web experiments here and there in my spare time, though...


Programming Languages & Tools
Operating Systems


This Website

My personal website, which has existed in several different phases over the years.

Languages: HTML, CSS, JS

Libraries/Tools: Bootstrap, Slick

Pictured below: The original CSS template I made for my website way back in 2014. I have no idea what I was thinking...


A personal project in the early stages of development for formatting research papers for display online as HTML. I hope to integrate it with, and offer formatting resources for, data-visualization libraries like D3.js.

Languages: HTML, CSS

Libraries/Tools: D3.js

Pictured below: Some early renderings of header formatting.

TMB (Barcelona Metro System App)

A group project for 'Intro to Database Systems', where we created, using MySQL and JavaFX, an app for users and managers of Barcelona public transit. Users can buy tickets, take trips, etc., and managers can add/remove stations and lines, approve reviews, and so on.

Languages: Java, SQL

Libraries/Tools: MySQL, JavaFX, WindowBuilder

Pictured below: The 'Leave a Review' page in the app as it appears to users, allowing them to leave comments and ratings that are stored in the MySQL database.

NAR Website

The website I manage for North Avenue Review Magazine. While the old version was based off a hand-built backend and written in Ruby Sinatra, the current system I am in the process of moving to is based off the Wix platform.

Languages: HTML, Ruby

Libraries/Tools: Sinatra, MailChimp, Wix

Pictured below: The finalized front page for the new version of the website!

An image of my old website.
A sample of AcademySS's format.
The 'leave reviews' page of the TMB app.
NAR's front page.